Laboratory for Epitaxial Nanostructures on Silicon and Spintronics

Affiliated Institutions


The L-NESS founding act defines the mission of the centre as follows:

  1. To promote and coordinate research on the growth, characterization and industrial application of epitaxial materials and nanometric structures, with particular attention to the compatibility with silicon technology and to the field of spintronics.
  2. To favour the exchange of researchers in this field in the framework of collaborations with other institutes, university departments, and research centers in Italy as well as abroad.
  3. To devote particular efforts to promoting interdisciplinary scientific endeavors.
  4. To promote scientific debate and scientific publications, and to provide support for teaching and advanced training in all of the aforementioned fields.
  5. To provide courses in the masters and PhD programs of the two founding universities, as well as training courses for public and private sector employees.
  6. To collaborate with public and private research centers in the promotion of research and development for the good of society, through scientific symposia, summer schools, and initiatives to make the benefits of science known to the general public.
  7. To develop research activities in the fields of materials and devices for nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, sensors, photovoltaic energy conversion, and spintronics.
  8. To promote technology transfer to companies through joint research projects, with a special emphasis on initiatives that have a lasting impact on the innovation potential of the Lombardy region.

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