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Workshop 2

The second workshop of the Graphsens project, entitled "Printed flexible electronic and sensing devices", was held at the L-NESS, Polytechnic University of Milan, Como, Italy on Friday, 11 Nov 2016. The workshop involved key personnel from the project partners and invited speakers.

The workshop focused on the emerging technologies of printed and flexible organic electronics. Keynote lecture was given by Mario Caironi from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). He gave an overview of the current state of the art in printed flexible organic electronics and presented the research of his group on the development of printed high-frequency organic transistors and logic gates. The members of his group at the IIT presented their work on polymer transistors, energy harvesting, and printed photodetectors. Goran Stojanovic (UNS) presented research of his group on flexible electronic sensors while Dragana Vasiljevic (UNS), who is a member of Prof. Stojanovic's group and spent three months at the L-NESS, presented results obtained in the collaboration between UNS and L-NESS on flexible graphene-based sensors. Aida Mansouri (L-NESS) presented her research on graphene high-frequency transistors.

The workshop was deemed to be successful. It established personal contacts and promoted expertise of the involved teams and also facilitated knowledge transfer at the national, regional and international level.

Participants of the second Graphsens workshop (from left to right): Roman Sordan (L-NESS), Aida Mansouri (L-NESS), Dragana Vasiljevic (UNS), Luca Anzi (L-NESS), Kishan Patel (L-NESS), Paolo Pedrinazzi (L-NESS), Andrea Perinot (IIT), Davide Beretta (IIT), Mario Caironi (IIT), Matteo Cesarini (IIT), and Goran Stojanovic (UNS).

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