Laboratory for Epitaxial Nanostructures on Silicon and Spintronics

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Graphsens project aims to develop new graphene-based hybrid sensors for the detection of various environmental pollutants as a research platform for the transfer of the best European practices from the Laboratory for Nanostructure Epitaxy and Spintronics on Silicon (L-NESS), Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy to the University of Novi Sad (UNS), Serbia. Partners involved in project are L-NESS, an institution with very strong research capacity and experience in graphene-based research and UNS, one of the most promising institutions in this field in Serbia. The target groups that will benefit from the implementation of the project are researchers and professors from UNS, who will have the opportunity to become more familiar with the applications of graphene-based sensors in the protection of the natural environment. The main objective of the project is to develop hybrid sensors based on graphene by the combination of printing technology on flexible substrates and e-beam lithography on rigid substrates.

Transfer of know-how and experience from L-NESS to UNS will have invaluable impact on the improvement of the UNS staff skills and knowledge, contributing also to social cohesion and economic dynamism in the region.

This project has received funding from the Central European Initiative (CEI), (Grant No. 1206.011-14) through the Know-how Exchange Programme.

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