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Workshop 1

The first workshop of the Graphsens project, entitled "Flexible graphene based humidity sensors", was held at the L-NESS, Polytechnic University of Milan, Como, Italy on Friday, 22 July 2016. The workshop involved key personnel from the project partners, invited speakers, and representatives from the industrial sector.

The workshop focused on the emerging technologies of printed and graphene electronics. The possibility of merging these two technologies on flexible substrates was discussed during the workshop. Several lectures were delivered addressing graphene electronic devices on conventional substrates and inkjet printed devices on flexible substrates. Three lectures attracted a particular interest. Ms. Dragana Vasiljevic (UNS), who spent three months at the L-NESS, presented results obtained in the collaboration between UNS and L-NESS on flexible graphene-based sensors. Dr. Laura Polloni, R&D manager of the Italian company Isocarbo S.r.l., presented current development of inks used in large-scale industrial inkjet printing. Dr. Massimiliano Bianchi, R&D team member of the Italian company Directa Plus S.p.a., presented recent developments in the large-scale industrial production of graphene-based materials which are already used in commercial products.

The workshop was deemed to be successful. It established personal contacts and promoted expertise of the involved teams and also facilitated knowledge transfer at the national, regional and international level.

The workshop is also featured on the website of CEI.

Speakers at the first Graphsens workshop (from left to right): Kishan Patel (L-NESS), Luca Anzi (L-NESS), Goran Stojanovic (UNS), Tijana Kojic (UNS), Roman Sordan (L-NESS), Laura Polloni (Isocarbo S.r.l.), Dragana Vasiljevic (UNS), Aida Mansouri (L-NESS), and Massimiliano Bianchi (Directa Plus S.p.a.).

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