Laboratory for Epitaxial Nanostructures on Silicon and Spintronics

Affiliated Institutions

III-V Molecular-Beam Epitaxy

Our III-V MBE is an EPI GEN II system previously owned by Pirelli Company. It is equipped with an As valved cell for the fine control of the As flux during the experiments and other 5 material sources: Ga, In, Al, Be and Si. Our system is constituted by 3 chambers: growth chamber, described in Fig. 1, buffer chamber (Fig. 3, 4) and introduction chamber (Fig. 2, 3). With this machine we are currently investigating the growth of advanced nanostructures.

Fig. 1. Scheme of our GEN II MBE.

Fig. 2. Introduction chamber and sample preparation bench.

Fig. 3. Introduction and buffer chamber.

Fig. 4. GEN II electronics rack.

Fig. 5. Background pressure in our system.

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