Laboratory for Epitaxial Nanostructures on Silicon and Spintronics

Affiliated Institutions

Andrea Barzaghi

PhD Student


tel:Como: +39 031 332 7307
fax:Como: +39 031 332 7617
address:Politecnico di Milano
Polo di Como
Via Anzani 42
22100 Como
office:Via Anzani 1.03

Main Research Interest


  1. V. Falcone, A. Ballabio, A. Barzaghi, C. Zucchetti, L. Anzi, F. Bottegoni, J. Frigerio, R. Sordan, P. Biagioni, and G. Isella: Graphene/Ge microcrystal photodetectors with enhanced infrared responsivity, APL Photonics 7, 106102 (2022).
  2. M. Albani, R. Bergamaschini, A. Barzaghi, M. Salvalaglio, J. Valente, D. J. Paul, A. Voigt, G. Isella, and F. Montalenti: Faceting of Si and Ge crystals grown on deeply patterned Si substrates in the kinetic regime: phase-field modelling and experiments, Sci. Reports 11, 18825 (2021).
  3. J. Pedrini, P. Biagioni, A. Ballabio, A. Barzaghi, M. Bonzi, E. Bonera, G. Isella, and F. Pezzoli: Broadband control of the optical properties of semiconductors through site-controlled self-assembly of microcrystals, Opt. Express 28, 24981 (2020).
  4. C. Barri, E. Mafakheri, L. Fagiani, G. Tavani, A. Barzaghi, D. Chrastina, A. Fedorov, J. Frigerio, M. Lodari, F. Scotognella, E. Arduca, M. Abbarchi, M. Perego, and M. Bollani: Engineering of the spin on dopant process on silicon on insulator substrate, Nanotechnology 32, 025303 (2020).
  5. A. Barzaghi, S. Firoozabadi, M. Salvalaglio, R. Bergamaschini, A. Ballabio, A. Beyer, M. Albani, J. Valente, A. Voigt, D. J. Paul, L. Miglio, F. Montalenti, K. Volz, , and G. Isella: Self-assembly of nanovoids in si microcrystals epitaxially grown on deeply patterned substrates, Cryst. Growth Des. 20, 2914 (2020).

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